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Adderall can be an effective drug if properly prescribed for certain conditions and responsibly monitored by the prescribing physicians.

The problem is that it's given out too readily and NOT monitored properly. Adderall is misused and abused in all levels of our society, and is referred to as a "legal meth prescription" by many.

The administrator of this site admits having his own biased opinion after what Adderall (specifically) did to his life, but the intentions of this site will be to give everyone a fair chance to voice their honest opinions. In the interest of fairness, in the near future this page will be changed to reflect some of the good things Adderall can do for those who suffer a few conditions in which they truly do benefit from it's use, and it helps make them a complete person. Until now it's mostly contained the bad sides and glazed past the fact that there ARE those it helps tremendously.

If you have a condition that treatment with Adderall DOES help that results in your dependency to use it daily on a long term or even life-long basis, then my opinions and warnings on this site are not for you. The Administrator recognizes that there are those who depend on it for various medical and physical reasons and does not mean to suggest that every "user" of Adderall fits his descriptions listed below. However, if you are "experimenting" with Adderall on a prescriptive basis, combining it with other drugs, or using / abusing it for weight loss or school and work performance then read on. If you really don't benefit from this medication medically it is something that you really need to be careful with.

This site is under construction and one of these days will offer message boards for all to speak their opinions; good and bad. As a note; the Administrator of this site does his best to answer all mails but has been badly behind lately due to higher priorities in life. (digging out of Adderall induced debt) The Administrator will try to be better about this.


If you have a history of drug abuse, have any emotional issues or a dependent personality STAY AWAY from this drug.

Adderall is comparable to methamphetamine and is highly addictive, as many of it's users will describe. This Administrator's opinion is that the doctors who prescribe it and the companies that provide it should be treated as drug dealers and held legally responsible for the damage it does. Any doctor who prescribes this substance to someone with a known speed / meth problem in their past or emotional instability should be criminally prosecuted and held 100% responsible for the damage it does to the person and their families, because it WILL get a grip on you if you aren't strong enough to keep control of it.


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Adderall can ruin your life. Sure, you may think it's helping you lose weight or focus better at work or school and helping you become more "social" (and there are those few it DOES help for a while, or longer) but if you're making life changes based on what this drug does to you and for your performance, then you're on your way to experiencing some, or all of the issues Adderall can create if you let it get a grip on you.



If you are misdiagnosed with ADHD and take Adderall you will very possibly experience some or all of these symptoms.

Become dependant on Adderall to function properly on a daily basis


Feel dazed, slow and disoriented if you try to discontinue Adderall's use


Lose much"normal" perception of any words or actions


Experience increased depression and possibly develop a bi-polar personality


Suddenly care only for yourself with total disregard for others


Suddenly experience increased anger and aggression that can escalate into going into unexplainable violent fits of rage for no reason


Lose appreciation for beauty


Misinterpret simple English


Misinterpret obvious acts of love as acts of hatred against you


Absolutely DESTROY the lives of those who love you and live with you


Become lost in, and protective of your personal "Adderall World"


Violently assault anyone who interferes with getting your dosage, like any junkie


Do things like set 3 different clocks at 3 separate times around the house, all wrong, to compensate for how fast your overactive brain is going and the need to think more, filling your brain with clutter, then needing MORE Adderall to help you focus and calculate what time it REALLy is


Sink to public displays of irrationality with no shame or awareness of how obvious your dependency is


Experience paranoia and mild delusions / hallucinations


Suddenly "rationalize" that Adderall is more important to you than your friends, family and loved ones



My personal mission with this site will be to warn users of it's dangers, only by exposing the whole truth. As this site develops I intend to have a discussion board for those who need some support and may be helped by other's opinions & experiences. Initial response to this site has overwhelmed the Administrator and it's hard to stay on top of communication with all emails coming in, but the Administrator is doing the best he can. Adderall led to the emotional ruin of someone I once knew, and maybe this site can help salvage a few lives that aren't beyond help yet. If I'm REALLY lucky maybe this will help usher in some responsible actions by those so readily prescribing it.

Hopefully, costing the companies manufacturing Adderall (and generic versions) a few dollars will prompt some more responsible prescription practices & better monitoring of users of Adderall, instead of allowing them to continue ruining lives for the sake of their profits at the public's expense. While this administrator's experience and anger is directly related to and focused towards Adderall, the problem is industry wide and there are many other substances being carelessly prescribed that are equally dangerous.


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